The story of Renovo Amp Works starts with, of all things, Craigslist. I was looking for a 4 track recorder so that I could resurrect some old recordings that I had laying around and bought a bundle that included Rocktron Velocity 100 that kept blowing fuses and a Chamelon effects unit to go with it.

I accidentally had everything necessary for an amplifier minus speakers so I built a box and put in a couple Tone Tubby San Rafael’s. It wasnt pretty, but it was basically a solid state amp with the 80’s version of modeling. And it sounded good.

I also picked up a couple of Tone Tubby speakers to put in a overly bright Fender Princeton Chorus that was on loan from my brother. What a difference that made.

This got me to thinking about signal flow, and tone, and how amps are used and purchased. A player is constantly searching for that perfect tone, a way to bring what they hear in their head out of a couple of magnets, wire and silicon.

I’m not a huge amp aficionado. I can’t tell the vintage of Fender amp just from hearing a few notes. I don’t know how most amp designers think. But I started to think about the amp as part of a system, and not just something that translates sound. Every part of the system is important and has to work together.

A great amp doesn’t just convert your strums to sound, it draws inspiration out of you. You shouldn’t have to push sound into an amp, it should be pulled out of you. That is what I attempted to design.