Each amp in the Renovo Amp Works line is designed not to emulate another amp, but to be a unique addition to the pantheon of great amplifiers. Our boutique amplifiers are each hand made and assembled in the United States. We take great pains to make sure each component is chosen with a reason, sonic, performance, or otherwise. Our current amplifiers and those in development promise to bring something new to the table.

The Tejas is a vintage sounding tube amp tone with a modern twist. For the Tejas, we looked at the whole amp as a system, from guitar to speaker. In fact, we almost started backward, finding a great speaker and then building an amp around it. We designed it to sound great with single coils, and meaty with humbuckers. In short, we made the amp we would love to play.


The first amplifier I built was the called the Two Stroke. It was a project in a book by David Hunter called, appropriately the “Guitar Amplifier Handbook”. For those looking for a challenge, you can buy the kit to build this amp at the Tube Amp Network. For those who are less daring, we offer a very similar amp that we are calling the Vintage Duo.
Renovo Vintage Duo Amp