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Renovo Amp Works | Tejas

Renovo Tejas

head_sideview_firesideWhen we set out to design the Tejas, we didn’t look at what others had done before or design it to sound just like a “insert famous vintage amp here”. We wanted a great vintage tube amp tone with a modern twist. We didn’t compare it to others to see if we were close to other amps, we found a tone that we loved and built on it.

We looked at the whole amp as a system, from guitar to speaker. In fact, we almost started backward, finding a great speaker and then building an amp around it. We designed it to sound great with single coils, and meaty with humbuckers. In short, we made the amp we would love to play.

For those on the technical side, the Tejas is a class A tube amp with 2 TAD 6L6GC power tubes that can operate in either Pentode or Triode modes. We compared power tubes to find out which brought out the right harmonic richness and warmth for this amp and settled on these awesome sounding tubes. We use tube rectification to get that great feel that only tube rectification can give.

The preamp section is powered by Sovtek 12AX7LPS tubes. We found that these had the blend of warmth and tone that the Tejas craved. Sozo coupling caps and uniquely biased preamp tubes bring a vintage tone with a modern twist.

The heart of each Tejas is a hybrid turret board/circuit board. Each part is placed on the turret board by hand and all connections to the board are hand wired. The circuit board allows us to control impedances and paths to ground, a critical step to diminish hum. We use Sozo coupling capacitors and offer an upgrade to their vintage caps if you like a bit less bottom and creamy top.


Power Output

Full Output (Pentode Mode): 22W
Half Output (Triode Mode): 11W

Tubes / Valves Preamp Tubes: Sovtek 12AX7LPS
Power Tubes: TAD 6L6GC
Rectifier Tube: JJ 5U4GB

12" Weber Alnico - 12A125

4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω selectable impedance

Dimensions Head Cabinet: 18.75 x 9.25" x 8"
12" Combo: 21.5" x 19.5" x 10"
Blended Combo: 28.5" x 19.5" x 10"
Weight Head Cabinet: coming soon
12" Combo: coming soon
Blended Combo: coming soon