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Renovo Amp Works | Vintage Duo



vd_logo_firesideThe first amplifier I built was the called the Two Stroke. It was a project in a book by David Hunter called, appropriately the “Guitar Amplifier Handbook”. For those looking for a challenge, you can buy the kit to build this amp at the Tube Amp Network. The folks there are awesome and will help you build your amp, whether its the kit or one of your own devising.

For those who are less daring, we offer a very similar amp that we are calling the Vintage Duo. It is a single ended class A tube amplifier that runs between 4-6 watts depending on the power tube used. This amp can easily accommodate a variety of power tubes so for those who want to experiment, this is the amp for you. We sell the Vintage Duo with a KT66 but you can swap out a a 6L6GC, 6550, EL34, 6V6, or other flavor. We’ll even do it for you if want.

Another amazing thing about this amp is the speaker configuration. It comes with 10” and 8” (one each) Jensen speakers. This combination gives a complex tone, where the 8” accentuates the highs and the 10” lends punch and body.

A boost switch changes the cathode bypass on the preamp tube, giving you 3 different gain levels for when you just need a bit more, or a slight tone change to cut through a mix.


Power Output

6L6GC ≈ 8W
6V6 ≈ 4W
EL34 ≈ 9-10W
KT66 ≈ 10W

Tubes / Valves Preamp Tubes: JJ 12AX7 Gold Pin
Power Tubes: JJ 6L6GC, JJ 6L6, JJ EL34, JJ KT66 (one at a time)
Rectifier Tube: JJ 5Y3

10" Jensen Ceramic - C10Q
8" Jensen Ceramic - C8R

Selectable impedance

Dimensions 20" x18" x 10"
Weight Coming Soon