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Renovo Amp Works Guitar amps and studio gear - creativity and inspiration unleashed.

Creativity and inspiration unleashed through innovation

Renovo Amp Works is driven to make innovative products that inspire you to greater levels of creativity. Scratch that. We’re driven to design innovative products that WE want to use and know will inspire you too. Build what you love to use. That’s the simple philosophy.

Since 2009, we’ve empowered guitarists with meticulously crafted tube guitar amps and allowed users to get hands-on with their amps through DIY amp kits. We’re passionate about igniting creativity and inspiring sonic exploration.

As a collection of engineers, designers, and music makers, we leverage our expertise designing for industry giants like LaChapell Audio, Digital Audio Labs, and Alclair Audio (and countless confidential projects), to craft products that transcend function. Renovo studio gear and guitar amps integrate cutting-edge technology with intuitive design, empowering you to sculpt your sonic vision and have fun in the process.

Every component, every circuit, every design decision we make centers on two things: creativity and inspiration. Each decision from circuit design to component selection has two things in mind.

  • Will it inspire you to create the best music you’ve ever made?
  • Does it draw out your creativity?

Creativity and Inspiration. These are the things that drive us. Gear is simply a conduit that can inspire us and translate creativity into sound.

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