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The EL&R 500 is your all in one effects looper and reamper in a 500 series rack module. Loaded with features, EL&R makes it super easy to reamp recorded tracks from your DAW and to use effect pedals as outboard effects.

Expand your creativity by using effect pedal loops in interesting ways. Add life to tracks by manipulating effects in real time. Add warmth and vibe to tracks with subtle analog feel.

EL&R 500


  • Extremely quiet signal path will not color or add noise to reamped or looped content.
  • Transformer Input or Output provides maximum flexibility. Configure the transformer on the output for slight compression and tone going into your effect pedals or amplifier. Place the transformer on the input to add analog warmth and compression to your effects loop return. Or take the transformer out of the signal entirely for the most clean sound possible.
  • Variable and Fixed Impedance Options to match amplifiers, guitars, and effect pedals. Set the impedance to a fixed 68K or 10K or use the front panel knob to adjust the impedance to match inputs or shape tone.
  • Two DC power outlets provide power to effect pedals eliminating the need for a wall wart. Entire effects chains can sit on your desktop for easy tweaking and effects changes. Both outlets provide VDC with one switchable to 12VDC.
  • Break potential ground loops and hum with input and output ground lift options.
  • Front panel tri-color LEDs display input and output signal levels.
  • Adjust output levels with the output trim knob so that outboard effects are not overwhelmed (unless you want to).
  • Super quiet input amplifier transparent gain ensures you get the best sound back into your DAW.



  • EL&R 500 Series Reamper
  • 2x DC Power Cables
  • Quick Start Guide


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